"Bill Fettes' commitment to his student's ongoing development and teaching of the traditional arts is remarkable. He gives you the tools and the processes to develop your body and mind into a formidable and responsible martial artist, limited only by your commitment and desire. If you're ready to learn an authentic traditional martial art where there are no 'special techniques' or 'secrets', only your own hard work, perseverance and a good dose of humility, then Bill Fettes can show you the way". - Jason, Glenelg S.A.

"Bill teaches techniques he has learned from decades of training that have been refined through professional experience as a police officer. The result is techniques that work!" - Warwick, Marino S.A.

"After sometime away from training in the martial arts, I was very keen to embark on a training regime again. I heard about the Marino Dojo and the Aikido being taught there through word of mouth. The word was it was an excellent club and, as I hadn’t trained in any Japanese arts before, I didn’t know quite what to expect. I went to check the club out and was warmly welcomed from day one and became excited about getting involved with the Aikido being taught there. I’ve now been training at the club for several years and have embraced the style, the people I train with and feel lucky to be able to learn such a smart, fun and interesting martial art. I look forward just as much, to training at the club each and every lesson as I did with lesson number 1". - Scott, Glengowrie, S.A.

"When the doctor told me about 4 years ago that I had the early stages of arthritis, I went to the Marino Community Centre and spoke to the instructor, who assured me that tai chi exercises would help me - especially the Yang style. I was amazed when the pain began to decrease and within the first nine months, disappeared completely. I am now 45, feel more flexible, my balance has improved and my knees are like new. I am grateful for an exercise set that was carefully chosen by my instructor to suit my needs and have also learnt some self defence applications as well". - Yulia, Marino, S.A.