Monday 7-9 pm at Marino Community Hall

  • Suitable for everybody - particularly those of smaller stature
  • For health, fitness and self defence
  • Makes use of avoidance and uses joint locks and throws to control opponents
  • Great for cardio fitness, flexibilty and core strength

At Budokai Australia we teach a system based on the Aikido created by Tomiki Kenji sensei. Tomiki sensei was a high ranking judoka who was an early student of the founder of Aikido, Ueshiba Morihei and founded a style of aikido which includes free sparring and competition

His original intention was to incorporate sport and self defence, but the sport aspect has taken precedence in recent times. Whilst still based on the teachings of Tomiki sensei, we have incorporated a self defence aspect more suited to Western attack and defence.

Aikido uses the principles of avoidance and using the partner/opponent’s power against him or her. It then concentrates on using the joints to unbalance and ultimately to throw or lock the partner/opponent.

INSTRUCTORS - Senior instructors all hold NCAS level 2 coaching credentials

Bill Fettes (6th Dan) commenced Aikido in Melbourne in 1969 and, after teaching in Sydney, he went to Japan for 7 months and studied under various high ranking teachers. He returned there from 1985 to 1993 and continued at the YMCA and Shinagawa clubs and was a member of the All Japan championship winning team in 1986 as well as being a 3 time runner up in the kata competition.