Budokai Australia

Comprehensive East Asian Fighting Systems

Budokai (Association of Martial Ways) is based in Adelaide, South Australia and is the umbrella organisation for the practice and dissemination of several Asian fighting arts as passed down from Chinese and Japanese masters. At Budokai Australia we practise the so-called "internal" arts of Aikido, Taiji chuan, Xingyi chuan, Bagua zhang as well as the traditional weapons of Japan - Shindo Muso ryu Jodo (stick), Kasumi Shinto ryu Kenjutsu (sword), Isshin ryu Kusarigama jutsu (sickle and chain) and Toda-ha Buko ryu Naginata Jutsu (halberd) Training can also be adapted to teach Self Defence for Women and Control Techniques for Police and Security Officers.

CHIEF INSTRUCTOR - Bill Fettes - Aikdo (6th Dan), Shindo Muso ryu jodo (Menkyo kaiden), Toda Ha Buko ryu (Chuden), Yang style taijichuan (tai chi) of the Fu Zhongwen lineage, Chen style from Chen Zhaoke and simplified Taijichuan. , Xingyi chuan (Li Tsunyi lineage) and Bagua zhang.

I consider myself a perennial student, of the all round physical benefits of the East Asian fighting arts as well as the philosophies taught by all my teachers. Accordingly, we are offering training in traditional concepts and ways which will keep students healthy and fit, help them to understand other cultures and have regimes to keep them healthy well into old age.

After a 50 plus year journey, I don't like to be considered any more than a student - a little further down the path than most, but not at my final destination yet. I began my journey in 1969 with a study of Aikido and Karate and, in 1980, began my study of Shindo Muso ryu jodo and its associated weaponry. On my first sojourn to Asia in 1981, I commenced Taiji chuan and on my return in 1985, I commenced Xingyi chuan, Bagua zhang and Shaolin chuan.

In addition to the above training, I have also served 19 years as a Police officer and can state categorically that the techniques taught by my teachers work efficiently and effectively in the heavily scrutinized world of modern policing. See this site.