Bill Fettes

Started training in Melbourne in 1969 and was an assistant instructor there before being asked to teach in Sydney in 1980. He has taught in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Tokyo before relocating to Adelaide in 1997.

He has a degree in Arts (majoring in Asian languages) and a graduate degree in Intelligence studies.

Warwick Noble

Warwick commenced Aikido with Bill in 1999 before starting studies of the Chinese arts in 2000. Currently a fourth dan in Aikido.

Warwick has completed his PhD in Marine Biology.

Jason Meyer

Jason started the Chinese arts shortly after Warwick and specialises in Yang style Taiji chaun, Xingyi and Bagua.

Jason has a degree in

Nathan Turk

Received a 3rd dan in Aikido in 2016 and has spent the past several years studying Shindo Muso ryu jodo and associated weapons and Toda ha Buko ryu naginata jutsu.

Nathan has a double degree in Law and Arts and is about to complete his Masters at Columbia University in New York city.

Simon Roberts-Thomson

Simon is an instructor in his own right in Tatsumi Ryu kenjutsu but also studied under Bill in Melbourne in Shindo Muso ryu and Xingyi chuan. Since moving back to Adelaide he has continued his studies in these arts as well as teaching the Tatsumi ryu and commencing Toda ha Buko ryu naginata jutsu, Taichi and Bagua.

Simon has a PhD in philosophy and is currently teaching.