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When that is completed I can get to work on the next 2 more technical works.

Finally! The book "At the feet of the Masters" is about to go to the printer. It will be available in print from the website and on Kindle shortly. It is a story of a journey through Asia, studying with some of the finest of the old masters and their finest Asian and Western students.

In February Scott Kuhlmann passed his Ni dan grading. Well done Scott! Due to work commitments it has been a long journey to Ni dan (not as long as mine) but Scott's commitment and good humour are well admired by all.

Bill, Warwick and Nathan all attended the NCAS (National Coaching Accreditation Scheme) course run by the Australian Jujutsu Federation through Roger and Lyn Quick in beautiful Hobart, at the end of last year. All qualified as level 2 coaches, which is a pre-requisite for full membership of the AJF. Thanks to our wonderful hosts Leoni MacFarlane and James Carolan for introducing us to the wonders of Hobart and to Roger and Lyn for their good humoured and informative classes. It was nearly 50 years since I had last seen Roger, but he was still in great shape.

One of my dear friends and one of the toughest weapons men I trained with passed away last year. Pierre Simone was a regular training partner in Japan and a much respected weapons practitioner and researcher. He is survived by his wife, Claire, an outstanding practitioner in her own right and son and daughter. He is sadly missed.