Bill Fettes
Bill Fettes
Started studying Aikido in Melbourne in 1969 in the first class of Tomiki style Aikido ever taught in Australia. In 1980 he moved to Sydney to teach Aikido and began Shindo Muso-ryu jyodo training under Paul Maloney sensei. In 1982 he spent seven months in Japan where he began training in Taiji chuan under Nakano Harumi sensei, commencing with the simplified forms and then progressing to Chen and Yang styles.
In 1985, Bill moved to Tokyo and began a study of Xingyi chuan, Bagua zhang and Shaolin chuan with  Matsuda Ryuichi sensei. Through the introductions of his teachers he began training in Shanghai under several masters, but mainly Wong Zhong Dao (Xingyi, Bagua and Yang Taiji chuan and their associated weapons) and He Bing Quan (Chen and Yang taiji chuan and Shaolin chuan).  After the death of these masters, his training was taken over by Chen Jian Yun who had studied with the same mentors.
During 1989 he started Naginata practice with Nitta Suzuo sensei and spent varying periods training in Yoshinkai Aikido and Shotokan karate.
On returning to Australia in 1993, Bill continued teaching in Sydney until 1997 when he moved to Adelaide and commenced teaching at Marino Community Hall. Since 1998 he has worked for the South Australian Police in various positions and found many uses for his training - not the least of which is the relief of stress.
He has a degree in Arts (majoring in Asian languages) and a graduate degree in Intelligence studies.
Warwick Noble
Warwick commenced Aikido with Bill in 1999 before starting studies of the Chinese arts in 2000.  Currently a fourth dan in Sotokushin Aikido and 3rd dan in Tomiki style.  He has studied the Chinese arts since 2000 and specialises in Chen taiji Xingyi chuan and Bagua zhang.
Warwick has completed his PhD in Marine Biology.
Nathan Turk
Received a 3rd dan in Aikido in 2016 and has spent the past several years studying Shindo Muso ryu jyodo, Kasumi shinto ryu kenjutsu, Uchida ryu tanjo jutsu and Isshin ryu kusarigama jutsu.
Nathan has a double degree in Law and Arts.

Simon Roberts-Thomson
Simon is an instructor in his own right in Tatsumi Ryu kenjutsu but also studied under Bill in Melbourne in Shindo Muso ryu and Xingyi chuan.  Since moving back to Adelaide he has continued his studies in these  arts as well as teaching the Tatsumi ryu at Malvern. Simon has a PhD in philosophy.